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  • Category:CI Casting
  • Sub Category: Cast Iron Grates, Industrial Grates, Manhole Grates, Sump Grates

Product Description

Sump grates are used to cover storm water pits. Storm water pits are typically square or rectangular in shape.

Depending on the area of installation, common concerns with sump grates include the anticipated traffic loads, their water flow capacity and their compliance with local government safety regulations. R&S Grating has developed an extensive range of sump grating to address all these concerns. Our range of sump grating includes grates that are bike-safe, wheelchair safe and even high heel shoe safe. Our range utilises a variety of materials, including mild steel, cast and ductile iron, as well as stainless steel and other specialty materials.

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We, Everest Technocast, are a leading industry actively engaged in providing with a wide range of all types of SG & CI casting. We manufacture these castings based on the industry norms and standards. Based on its quality features like superior finish and high durability, the graded castings provided by us are used in pump, automobile, engineering and many other industries.

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